iulia, 16. I love reading, travelling and learning new things. I also like a dumb sport called football.

4/10 footballersbastian schweinsteiger

get to know me meme - [2/5] favorite female characters
lorna morello — “it’s like the less time you got, the slower it goes.”

the harder the battle,
the sweeter the victory

Interviewer for Oscar’s family: "What do Oscar have in London that he’ll miss the most in Brazil?"

Danielle (his sister): David!

da bae | Alvaro Morata

Real Madrid 1-1 (2-3) Inter Milan | International Champions Cup (July 26, 2014)

Match report | Highlights

Quotes: AncelottiBale | Pepe

Next training: Sunday and Monday (1:30 pm EDT | 7:30 pm CEST)

Next match: ICC vs AS Roma - Tuesday, 9:15 pm EDT | Wednesday, 3:15 am CEST

"We should make the most of life enjoy it because that’s the way it is." - Cristiano Ronaldo

Santiago Bernabeu (Real Madrid Victory Parade)  | Gareth Bale & Alba Violet

6-7/100 pictures of theo james

da bae | Philipp Lahm

“I know it’s a requirement to win titles here, but this is motivation for me and I think I’m the right man for that. In 2012 I won the Champions League, in 2013 Madrid did it and I’d like to win it again this year. I hope to fulfil that. I’m going to give my all for the club and its fans. Hala Madrid!”.

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