iulia, 16. I love reading, travelling and learning new things. I also like a dumb sport called football.

3/10 footballers: manuel neuer

I am very happy to be considered as one of the best defenders in the world and to be mentioned alongside great footballers. It’s a great satisfaction to have reached this level at this moment in my career. I know that things will get tougher soon, but I will continue to work hard to be able to maintain this level of performance


hiii guys, so this is my i’m-sad-the-world-cup-is-over-but-can-the-new-season-start-already-follow forever and it’s my first one…i’ve been following a lot of these since i created this blog, but i found so many new people through the world cup so yeah idk here u go and ily all, thank you for making my dashboard amazing!!!


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A fact about Marcelo: Marcelo’s grandfather was very important in his life. He used his Volkswagen Beetle to drive Marcelo to training every day at Rio de Janeiro club, Fluminense, and when Marcelo almost gave up on football, Seu Pedro was always there, supporting him. Marcelo has that very same Beetle tattooed on his arm in tribute to his grandfather and everything he did for him.

Seu Pedro passed away last month, at the age of 78.

1/10 footballers: mats hummels

players i fell in love with during the world cup:

thiago silva, brazil nt

players i fell in love with during the world cup:

antoine griezmann, france nt


antogriezmannPetite photo, on profite des derniers jours de vacances !


"The most essential quality of the game is passion.” – Philipp Lahm, Germany National Team 2004-2014

[…] I sang in my school’s choir with my sister. One time, the director asked my mother if I could stop training to practice more with the choir. Now I sing poorly and only in the shower.

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